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Craftable power armor repair/recharge station

power armor

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I think the basic power armor mechanics in fallout 4 are good. I like having to manage the energy in my fusion cores and avoid taking too much damage so that my armor doesn't break. It adds a bit of tactical depth to the game. However, I don't enjoy constantly scavenging for fusion cores and materials to repair my armor.


I think there is a good way to preserve this mechanic while avoiding the obnoxious bits. My idea is a craftable station that does not require resources to use which recharges your armor's fusion core and repairs all damaged parts. However, it should take real-world time to do so, proportionate to the damage and power drain your armor and core have incurred.


For instance, it might take 5 minutes to repair minor damage and recharge 10%. If your armor is completely broken and your core is at 1%, it might take 30 minutes or more. You would still have the option of manually repairing or swapping cores if you don't want to wait.


Hopefully some modder agrees that this is a good idea. I don't *think* it would be terribly difficult for someone who knows what they are doing to implement, but what do I know.


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https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/33334 This mod (that I am affiliated with, admittedly) might help with your fusion core problem. The Armor, however, would probably take a bit more work than that mod does. Feel free to ask the mod author though, he's a nice enough guy. That mod was actually a request mod actually, so I'd say your odds are high of him agreeing to look into it.

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