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Can’t work out the conflict. Crash under very specific conditions (Xbox 1)

crashes crafting campfire hunterborn certain conditions xbox

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Normally my game is relatively stable and I donât have mod conflicts. I recently added campfire, Frostfall, ineedand hunterborn and want to use them for most play throughs and I canât work out what the problem is.

My issue is whenever I use the crafting abilities that campfire and hunterborn add, about 90% of the time the game crashes upon selecting the âyesâ to craft an item. The odd thing is sometimes moving around a little bit in the world will help and I can craft 2 or 3 things before a crash. I tried a mod loadout with only those mods and a few others on a new game, and there was no problems so itâs not these mods themselves (which I figured because theyâre all very good and hard worked on mods).

My load order isnât too bad as far as I know, never had a problem I couldnât fix with some order adjustments. Order is:

-General Stores SE for Xbox one modders resource for auto sorting cloud storage

-Campfire: complete camping system

-Frostfall: hypothermia camping survival

-iNeed - food, water and sleep (xb1)

-iNeed extended (xb1)

-wet and cold (xb1)

-YOT - your own thoughts

-YOT - your own thoughts for Frostfall: hypothermia camping survival

-wearable lanterns

-Hunterborn SSE

-Scrimshaw expanded - A hunterborn addon by Travlaney

-Be a milk drinker - special edition for Xbox

- better food (xb1) [<- this one I thought might be the problem, disabling it seemed to help but not fix the problem]

-hoodless archmage robes

-Sofia - The funny fully voiced follower

-Recorder - standalone fully voiced follower (xb1)

-(x1) Tar-Shei (a follower)

-Vigilant of stendarr followers (xbox one)

-vigilant of stendarr follower pack (Xbox1)

-populated lands roads paths legendary v3

-Amazing follower tweaks


-(Xbox one) werewolf perks expanded

-50 pct more perk points

-better levelling.esp [this one got deleted from server]

-[xbox one] vampire lord perks expanded

-better vampires 8.1 xb1

-true bat form remade 2017

-vampires suck: no attacks in towns

-(xb1)Dragon age spells - force mage

-Phenderix magic evolved


-Elemental destruction magic

-conjure fire wyrm spell

-forgotten spells

-spectral arrow spell (xb1)

-wabbajack: the spell!

-poison arrow crafting | by Elianora

-the infinity sword


-tenebrae - the sword of light and darkness

-the black hand weapon and armor

-amulet of shouting

-black mage armor SE

-human enemies drop hearts and flesh

-way of the monk

-hand to hand skillz

-treebalance - alchemy tree

-(xb1) marry me serana

-simpledivorce.esp [another deleted one]

-customisation unlocked

-glowing blue eyes

-hepsyhairsse.esp [same deal, deleted]

-saLa hair

-KS hairdoâs xb1 (female pack)

-KS hairdos lite

-(Xb1) lovely hairstyles

-AOF believable hair

-fangs and eyes: A vampire appearance mod - red combat

-dragon souls to attributes xb1

-the paarthurnax dilemma

-(ICS) enchantments unleashed

-Xbox - disenchanting overhaul

-mage robe enchantment improved (Xbox)

- (xb1)many more spells

-Apocalypse - magic of skyrim

-deadly destruction

-deadly destruction- elemental magic destruction patch

-kolturian magic improved

-stones of barenziah quest markers

-left hand rings (xb1)

-skyrim outfitters - backpacks for adventuring

-Crypt of the old guard | vampire player Home | xbox

-stormcloak officerâs stronghold (xb1 version)

-underhearth: A winterhold home

-Hermit mountain cottage Xbox (buildable home)

- reachwind eyrie

-ralendam estate - dwemer player Home

(Xb1) seaside cottage

-adalvaldâs retreat | vampire hunter player Home | Xbox one

-bayview- solstheim player home

-hirstaang estate

-woodsmanâs shack

-Dragon cliff manor - family edition

-(Xbox) Fellkreath cottage - build your own home

-harbourside - solitude bridge home

- the hideaway - a buildable cave home (Xbox)

-windyridge- player home in winterhold

-stendarrâs beacon: enhanced & ruhmastered xb1

-hearthfire multiple adoptions - now with custom home support for kids and spouses

- custom family home xb1 [ I have both incase one doesnât work]

-hidden hideouts of skyrim by lesi123

-hidden hideouts of skyrim- city edition

-(xb1) hearthfire cellar extension

-lore based loading screens

-more growable plants

-legendary creatures

-sidestep begone! (Xbox one)

-stormcloak hero armoury

-better rueful axe (Xbox one)

-the AKrossbow

-the fenrir greatsword

-(xb1) aurielâs weaponry - vanilla models (lite version)

-unofficial creation club updates - dwarven armored mudcrab

-unofficial creation club updates - Arcane archer pack

-unofficial creation club updates - Stendarrâs hammer

-Sabre cats respawn

-convenient horses

-skyforge steel armor and blunt weapons (Xbox one)

-aetherium armor and weapons compilation(xb1)

-imperial rewards

-enhanced blood textures

-BIG: more kill moves and decapitations ( a better improvements for gameplay mod)

-skardans rare ingredients

-helmetless armor perks

-salt mines of skyrim- SE (Xbox)

-aldmeri dominion - join the thallmor

-milk your cows! (And goats too I guess)

-lush overhaul

-realistic water two (xb1)

- realistic water two - iNeed patch (xb1)

-glorious dwarven metal by wolflord13

-cheat room (xb1)

-alternate start - live another life

I know there is a lot but itâs my hope someone might know whatâs going on!

Edit: sorry for any â weird symbols. Thatâs what my apostrophe is coming out as for some reason

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Iâve been experimenting with turning off mods that add crafting and the crashing seems less frequent. So Iâm thinking itâs something to do with the game having to process too much crafting lists when creating an item, but only when not using a crafting station in the game.

Edit: I found that the game doesnât crash at all (at least not yet) if I use the crafting abilities in a small cell like a shop or house. I guess my hunter will be going home a lot to make use of anything gathered.

If anyone can confirm my suspicions thatâd be really helpful!

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It's Skyui.

It is notorious for causing crafting or upgrading item ctd.


If you add "Hide SkyUI" and select only crafting when installing, it will revert only your crafting menu's back to vanilla but you will no longer get any crashes.

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