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[Request] Training Mode, Damage Score, Individual Weapon Keymapping

request ideas

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Hello everyone in the modding community! Thank you for all the wonderful things you've done! Either by creating the mods, sharing your ideas, or even complaining about things that shouldve been fixed (lol). 


So... there are three different mods i'd like to see:
- Training Mode:
I've beaten the game. I got most of the monsters before elder dragons solo, but these elder dragons are harder than I expected so I got some friends to help out. With that said I'd like to get better with their move sets, but keep dying is very demotivating and having to use potion is quite taxing in resource. I've seen a lot of people on youtube who are very good in the game. They're able to dodge a monster's attack at the very last second, outstanding!


The idea is to have a mode or a room (or as long as we have the mod file in the directory) to train with a chosen monster without suffering damage when taking hits or dealing damage to the monster (damage should still be displayed tho) so we can focus on dodging their attacks then hitting when opportunity rises. Stagger and falling down shouldnt be omitted since we'll need to get accustomed to their tendencies as well.

A neat thing I've thought is that of evasion mantle. The evasion mantle makes a sound when you dodge the monster's attack at the very last second. If the mod can apply this sound regardless of the mantle's usage it'd be a good indicator for the training! (leave out the maximised evasion window granted by the mantle of course)

I'll still be trying out the monsters with optional quests while we dont have this mod, but i think it's gonna be a good way for people to improve!

- Damage Score:
Whenever I do a multiplayer quest --either by responding to an SOS or just casually hunting with friends-- I'm curious of the damage we do. The game actually do records the damage we deal to the monster but rarely shows it unless the difference is notable. I'd like a mod that simply displays everyone's damage at the end of the hunt or even live as the hunt goes.

- Individual Weapon Keymapping:
As we all know the game is disappointingly ported to PC by Capcom, thus a lot of mechanisms that should've been easily or intuitively done on PC stuck with the limitation of consoles. Currently the keymapping in the game is divided into three: Menu; Melee; and Ranged. The thing is these weapons are unique to themselves and shouldn't be generalised based on their combat distance. Hunting Horns have their unique melody mechanics yet they share a button with Insect Glaive's jump. --IDK the rest since I only play one weapon--

[rant] Honestly, I --who main bow-- am especially enraged when I'd like to do a Dragon Piercer with three bow charge and accidentally removes the coating. What a waste right? Hahahaha! (this is me trying to blame things because I'm just bad)
ON TOP OF THAT why would i want to commit animation just to remove a coating when it takes exactly the same time to change it!? Like if i really want to remove the coating I might as well switch it to close-range coating right!? In what scenario wouldn't I want coatings on my arrows!? [/rant]


I'd like to thank the modders once again for keeping us entertained and probably makes our lives a lot easier. I and most certainly everyone in the modding community will always be cheering you modders! : )




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For Training, just abandon quest and it will refund you the items you used during the quest.




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For Training, just abandon quest and it will refund you the items you used during the quest.

You could also use one of the many cheat tools to get infinite hp
or infinite consumables.

Maybe backup the files first and then go for it.

I mean thats why i support cheats for such causes like our OP has.
Cheats are not only for cheating but a tool to improve c:

For the DPS/damage purpose you probably saw the many dps meters that dropped now.

So i think only the evasion sounds are left, which would be neat.
A tip from my side: i really favor the evade window skill as you can easily dodge teostras explosion too
or the evade distance, makes it easier to disengage or chase quickly without sheathing.

And being under the monster usually helps a tons.
Teostras safespot is basically right in his mane.
Nergi is between his back legs (if he gets on his legs you can dodge through him and just attack the tail and then dodge back under him)

Sometimes you dont hit the weakspots, but imo its better to hit something than to chase the spots.
Except if you really farm something specific then you obviously go for the spots.

idk why i write so much
im bored and i want to give some advice
no offense or anything
go bully them monsters
Syee ya around!

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