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Anthropomorphic Skunk Race

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Since the introduction of Crimes against Nature and the Vulpine Race mods, I have had a desire to see a Fallout 4 port of the Fallout New Vegas mod Mephane Skunk Race (found here). It was my favorite character mod to play with in my load order the whole time I played FNV, and I've missed it since switching to FO4. I'm wondering if anyone would like to make an anthropomorphic skunk race mod similar to it.


I have attempted using a custom combination of the mods More Skin Colors, Animal Tails, and Animal Ears (selecting an almost completely black skin color, a custom black-and-white painted wolf tail, and a custom black set of wolf ears). Yet the human face ruins the effect. Similar to the custom head morphs of the Vulpine Race mod or the ponies in Crimes against Nature mod, it would be better to have a real skunk head. A LooksMenu skin that is black all over, maybe with a white abdomen, would also be ideal. Also, the wolf tail from Animal Tails isn't the ideal skunk tail. An S-shaped curved tail with a bit of physics applied would be ideal.


Lastly, recapturing the original Mephane Skunk Race mod's weapon would be ideal: A custom poison-effect "skunk sprayer" that causes stagger or vomiting in NPCs - and is a quest item so it cannot be removed from the player's inventory. 


If anyone would like to attempt this mod creation, let me know. The FNV mod author simone00 has listed mod permissions allowing the assets to be reused, if that helps any. 

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