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NV crashes without warning

mods new vegas willow crash

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On a related note, I don't suppose there's a faster method for troubleshooting mods besides having to test them one by one?

I've just about arrived in the vicinity of Novac when the crashes started. My game would just suddenly hang without warning, though environmental sounds and music will still play.

I get the feeling that the Willow mod might be the source of the problem, but that's just me speculating. It's because after some interaction with her, whether by conversation or using her utilities in the Pip-Boy, the game tends to crash shortly after. Strangely, before I completed her main quest that allowed me to hire her, I had no trouble with my game; had zero to little crashing.

I'll share my load order later today, as I'm not on my laptop.



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Please provide ALL the information requested in the wiki "How to ask for help" article.  Don't forget to identify things that do not appear in the "load order", such as NVSE and it's related plugins, texture replacements (specifically their larger image sizes: 1024x1024, etc.), and "post-processors" like ENB or SweetFX.

Please see the 'Maximizing use of memory', 'Third Rule: The Rule of One', 'Fourth Rule: Reloading "save game" files', 'Essentials for Getting Started', 'Vanilla "Load Order"', 'Game INI files', and 'Restoring to "Vanilla"' entries in the 'First Timer Advice' section; and the 'Common Game Problems' section, of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.

If the problem persists, then see either the 'Solutions to Starting the game problems' or the  'Solutions to "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) problems' sections in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.




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It'll be interesting to see your load order, Willow made my game crash a lot and I assume it's a conflict because it works fine for the vast majority of users.

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