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[WIPz] Father Companion: Alternate Ending Option

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Father Companion: Alternate Ending Option

(work-in-progress, to be released soon)


It goes without saying that there will be end-game spoilers for Fallout 4. Do not read the description if you don't want to be spoiled! (UPDATED: 26.09.2018)




As the release of the Father Companion mod draws closer, I thought I'd share a bit of information about this project and its stage of development. So... Ever wanted to save Father? Now you can.


Q: What does this mod do?

A: This mod will open up the option to have Father, the leader of the Institute in 2287, as your companion after the conclusion of the main questline of Fallout 4, provided you do... certain things. It's an immersive lore-friendly questing experience with hundreds of dialog lines written. Whenever possible, there will be voice acting using recycled vanilla lines, similar to the Nora Companion mod, otherwise, there will be silent lip-synched files. Most of the routine companion lines are voiced though.


Father is also a unique companion and won't override other companions, vanilla or modded. He will be wearing a special Institute power armor at all times as he's 60 years old and wouldn't really survive well in just his lab coat. This is similar to Danse and how he wears power armor all the time.


Q: Doesn't Father die of cancer?

A: Exactly. Between the time you learn of Father's cancer at the Directorate meeting and the end of the main quest, you will be able to embark on a side quest to obtain a cure by working with Dr. Dean Volkert, an Institute doctor in charge of treating Father.


Q: What do I need?

A: First, you'll need the Mysterious Serum from the Cabot questline, you will only need 1 sample. Second, you will need the medical research papers stored in the hidden part of Vault 81. This is actually a new item added through the mod. Give these to Dr. Volkert and he'll be able to create a cancer treatment that actually works.


Q: What about the Vault 81 cure?

A: The Vault 81 cure is useless as it doesn't treat cancer. You can show it to Dr. Volkert if you want, but it won't have any impact on the story.


Q: What other options do I have if there are no more Mysterious Serums left?

A: You can try to pass some hard but repeatable speech checks to convince Dr. Volkert to give you a sample of the Institute's FEV. If this option is picked, Father will turn into a super mutant companion.


Q: How do I get the cure/FEV to Father?

A: The cure/FEV comes in the form of unique chems that you can administer to Father on his deathbed, right at the end of the game through dialog options.


Q: Can I use the FEV on myself and become a super mutant?

A: No, it turns out... your particular body doesn't quite react that well to the FEV. Let's just say... you die... painfully.


Q: Can I save Father if I side against the Institute?

A: Absolutely. Now you can blow up the Institute without feeling guilty over killing Father. If you use the cure/FEV on him (and don't shoot him) it will later be revealed he got better and teleported out of the Institute before the explosion. Note that he will hate you for it so you'll need to pass a very hard NON-repeatable speech check if you want him as your companion. You will only get one chance and if you screw it up, Father will refuse to talk to you any further.


Please note, you are still required to interact with Dr. Volkert for both the cure and FEV. So if you go against the Institute from the very beginning, you cannot do this quest, it will be permanently locked for you. You must have the cure/FEV in your inventory before you betray them.


Q: Do I still get to lead the Institute if Father lives?

A: If you side with the Institute and save Father, Father will fake his death and leave the Institute. This is both for lore and game mechanic reasons as doing otherwise would involve a drastic and extremely time consuming overhaul of the end-game, complete with a new cinematic.


Q: How do I contact Father after the end of the game to recruit him as a companion?

A: A "Commonwealth Courier" sent by Father will deliver you a message first with instructions on where to find him. (You can also travel to Vault 111 and wait a while, or speed up time outside. Note: You can't rest or sleep in Vault 111.)




Q: Will this be compatible with the Nora Companion mod?

A: It should be, this is intended. In fact, all the mod's new dialog related to Nora's death is kept purposely super vague to allow for the possibility that she might still be alive so it's intended to be compatible both from a game mechanic perspective and a lore one.


Yes, now you can literally run around with your family killing raiders and super mutants if you want. (Father does not take up a companion slot.)


Q: Will this be compatible with the Project Valkyrie mod?

A: If you pick the modded PV ending, there will be a different path to recruiting and curing Father.


Q: Can you command Father?

A: Yes. He also hack terminals but cannot pick locks. His default weapon is a generic Institute rifle, same as X6, feel free to change it.


Q: Do you need to dismiss other companions?

A: No. He's a special companion and will come with you even if you have another vanilla companion with you.


Q: Can you send him to settlements?

A: You can, yes. Note: When you send him away the first time you also get a permanent tracker on his location in case you lose him.


Q: Any other compatibility issues?

A: There shouldn't be but you never know. As of now, not a single vanilla asset is edited to make the mod possible, it's all added with scripts with the exception of the PS4 version which edits the Third Rail and Vault 81 hidden section.


Q: Will this be available for XB1?

A: The same day it's available for PC. Yes.


Q: Will this be available for PS4?

A: In a limited form yes. In fact the PS4 version might be released first since all possible features have already been implemented and only require testing. The main aspects that the PS4 will lack are: 1. voices/lip movement 2. quest entries in your quest log (the quest will still run, you just won't be notified of progress)


Q: Progress?



Voice Acting and/or Lip Synching - 95%


Please note that while this is pretty much set to go, I am accepting voice actor auditions since all of the voice acting is recycled vanilla dialog which doesn't always fit so there are many silent lines. The characters involved in this mod are:


1. Father (also Father in mutant form, but only 1 actor is really needed, mutant Father will simply be lower pitched by 21% in Audacity)

2. Male Sole Survivor

3. Female Sole Survivor

4. Dr. Dean Volkert


[email protected]


Quest Setup - 95%


Companion AI - 95%


Testing - 55%


Extensive Testing - 30%


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this'll be a great mod to add,

I look forward to testing it with

Regulators of the Commonwealth and

Kesabelus's Companion Revived mod.



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Quick update:


The mod will be compatible with Project Valkyrie ending after all.


Father won't have Virgil's clothes in the PC/Xbox version.



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A few things to mention:


Yes, you can command Father. He also hacks terminals but doesn't pick locks.

Yes, you can send him to a settlement. (If you don't pick one he just goes to Goodneighbor.)

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