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Need some help figuring out how to "Trap" a specific soul in a soul gem

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Hello everyone,


I have a question for a mod I am making. Is it possible to have the player, when using soul trap on an enemy, say The Red Eagle or Potema, to have the soul gem reflect the name of that specific soul? It wouldn't have to be for every creature in-game, just for some specific bosses. Because for my mod I want to have the player collect a soul of a "hero of old" or just "an old powerful being" and make them have to collect that specific soul without just being high level and using a shade or something to "trick the system".


So first off I remember Morrowind actually having the creature you have trapped displayed next to the filled soul gem, which I kind of miss, but that is off topic.
One of my ideas would be to have a specific script or script fragments that would give the player a previously created pre-named soul gem displaying the name of the captured "boss". This would be a little harder for me to do.

The problem is that I don't really know how the filling of soul gems works in Skyrim on a technical level, so any tips, explanations or tutorials would be appreciated.

Any and all help, suggestions, and tutorials are highly welcome and appreciated. Just FYI, I am still a bit of a newbie modder and not fluent in any scripting, but am willing to check tutorials and learn by doing :)


Have a good one


The Boar

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