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NPC detection radius

npc detect radius sneak broken interior exterior attack detection searching

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Hi everyone,


If you read my other post you'll know I am creating a new lands mod. I have finished most of the world building and have come across a problem with NPCs and their detection radius. The problem is, it is insanely high. For example, I have one interior for a mine that I'll be honest I copied from Skyrim, and then changed a bit of clutter and changed the layout slightly. However, in my version of the mine, basically as soon as you go in and walk for like 10 seconds to start combat with the first NPC every other NPC in the mine detects you and starts searching for you. The final room is the only one that works normally, where the NPCs dont start detecting you until a realistic point. This is obviously very weird and a bit game breaking.


Now, I have optimised the interior by placing room markers and portals, and that helped a tiny bit but did not fix the problem. Is there anything else I need to do?


In one of my other interiors, there are necromancers and draugr. This may be untrue, but when testing I seemed to notice that the necromancers detect you really quickly and easily like in the mine, but the draugr do not. Which is strange, because the NPCs in the mine are draugr. Like I said though, this might not be like I said, I didn't really test it fully. 


This is not just a problem in interiors, but also occurs in my exterior bandit camps as well. Basically almost the second they load in the distance, they detect you and start searching for you. 

I have not generated LOD yet.


I am porting in as a level 1 with iron armor, because I am using coc straight from the menu, so obviously I will naturally make a lot of noise, but this just seems excessive. 


I really hope you can help me out on this,



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