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Game won't start with most mods

game wont start with mods

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Hi so I'm pretty new to the modding game, I've done a little in the past but I'm no expert. I'm having issues with most the mods I've tried. I started very minimal just to get the hang of it but every time I activate a mod the game just won't start. I activated Unofficial Skyrim Patch with no other mods and when I launch Skyrim it goes to the boot menue just fine but when I click start game it just doesn't open. There's no crash log or message or anything. Just won't open. It's the same with the alternate start mod and a few others I've tried. A couple of the mods we're fine while booting but I haven't tested to see if they're working in-game because I don't want to keep restarting the game to test it out. That's why I'm trying to get the Alternate Start mod to work first so I can test some other ones out without the lengthy Skyrim intro.




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Are you using a mod manager?  I recommend Mod Organizer 2.  I recommend using a guide to set up Skyrim for modding.  I use STEP, which was written for Oldrim but I adapt it to SSE easily enough.  I just avoid mods mentioned in the guide that haven't been ported to SSE.

Which version of Skyrim?  I guess you can't get into the game to see the version at the system menu, so in case you didn't know instead you can right click SkyrimSE.exe in the game folder, click properties and details.

Are you using SKSE loader to launch the game?  If so, I recommend launching the game from Steam Library once.  Let the vanilla launcher initialize settings, then use a tool like BethINI to tune the settings, and from then on use SKSE loader.

Is your SKSE the right version for Skyrim?  If your Skyrim is 1.5.50, SKSE should be 2.0.8.  If your SSE is 1.5.39 (like mine) then SKSE needs to be 2.0.7.

Have you cleaned vanilla masters?  There's a small chance that dirty masters could cause this if the mods you're using have conflicts.



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Might be worth using a guide like Nordic Skyrim just to get used to installing mods and how to use a mod manager. That's how most of us started out

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