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Vortex for Linux!

linux vortex

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i download mods manually also but install and order with manager

when i was on windows i used MO but i cant managed to make an install on linux so from 2 years i use vortex and im happy with it but sometimes is strange for a noob like me

anyway thanks for trying to help

i will find a way as allways




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yes please. 



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yes please.


You should have read through the thread before commenting. Tannin and Dark0ne have already stated that they have no plans to port Vortex to Linux:

The core application of Vortex has already been built with platform independence in mind but there is still a lot of components that would require extra work to make it work fully.
E.g. extracting the icon for an executable, extracting the version number from an executable, handling an application crash to report a proper error, fixing directory permissions so Vortex can access everything it needs - all these things had to be implemented because node.js doesn't provide them and are currently only implemented on Windows.
Additionally, even cross-platform toolkits are often not perfectly the same across all platform, last time I tried I got build errors on Linux that didn't make sense and didn't occur on Windows.

None of this is a show stopper of course but currently we just don't have the time.
If you're interested in helping out though: Vortex is open-source and the repository is at https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex

We are aware some users would like a Linux port, but we are not going to be working on one for the foreseeable future. We've just got too many other things we need to do and not enough time to dedicate to a port at this time.

All our codebase is open source and available on Github. We will very happily work with and provide support and advice to any user who wants to port Vortex to Linux, but we cannot do it ourselves at this time, or any time in the foreseeable future.

Vortex is open-source so by all means, get out your programming tools and make it happen.

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