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Fast Travel Costs Caps

fast travel survival lightweight

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What I'd like to see is a very lightweight mod that keeps the vanilla fast travel system but it simply charges you caps based on how far you're traveling. It would be for all difficulties including survival. Basically you would pick your destination, it would tell you how much it will cost to fast travel there and you can select yes or no. If you select yes it deducts the caps and fast travels you there.


I prefer to keep the functionality of the vanilla fast travel system while adding a penalty. This might be a popular alternative to some of the more immersion based mods out there that require you to establish a trade route or repair a vehicle.


It would also give high level players who are rolling in dough a thing to spend their caps on. I expect the cost to fast travel across the entire map should be several hundred caps. If you're in Diamond City and you want to go to Sanctuary and it costs 300 caps that is going to make you think twice, especially in the early game. If you're light on cash maybe you'll be encouraged to walk. Perhaps there could two install versions, a cheaper option and the more expensive version so people can pick how much penalty they want to have for fast traveling to suit their style of play.

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