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Is there a workaround for fixing version compatibility?

version compatibiliy workaround fix

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The game is updating pretty regularly but the Nexus content creators aren't keeping up. I know they are busy and have lives outside of updating mods. Is there a way to change the version of the game that  a mod is compatible with? I just want to test the mods I used to use and see if they still work. As it stands now, they are all locked out due to version incompatibility. I feel like some, if not all, may still work just fine with the latest version of the game.

Again, all I'm looking for is how to change the mod's setting that dictates what version of the game it is compatible with.


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It would be nice if the Mods were tagged as to what update they work with. As is now I have multiple folders with Mod versions that do and don't load in mod manager either because they show incompatible or newer version needed based on trial or error. Some mods have 30 versions and would be easier to track if the first update to match a new game update was labeled so people know when to and when not to update their mods.

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