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Skyrim Travelling Bard Challenge!

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Bard challenge


Summary: Using the Become a Bard mod, travel to every inn in Skyrim, play there, and make a name for yourself as a traveling bard.




  1. No fast traveling

  2. No taking kill or dungeon quests

  3. No armor unless it looks like clothes [skald outfit]

  4. No perk points may be placed in combat skills

  5. No spells above Apprentice level




  1. Bard college quests are all allowed

  2. Bard's leap dungeon is allowed




  1. “Become a Bard” mod

  2. “iNeed” mod

  3. “Camping” mod

  4. “Frostfall” mod

  5. Must create an iconic bard outfit for when you play




  1. “Wet and cold” mod [better visuals and cool gear]

  2. “Convenient horses” mod [better horses]

  3. “Inigo” mod [best companion ever]

  4. Any mod that improves weather visuals, npcs. interior visuals or makes travel more immersive


In-depth rules


The idea of this challenge is to make yourself generally pretty weak and see how bad travelers have it in Skyrim. You may engage in combat, but only strictly to defend yourself and must not go out of your way to engage in combat. Therefore, it would be best to get a companion animal and NPC as soon as possible to do most of your fighting for you. You are not allowed to wear armor because it would interfere with your performances [jangling chain mail, banging plate mail, banging glass armor etc] and makes it difficult to travel. You are not a warrior, you are an artist. For the purposes of this challenge, Armor Skills, Weapon Skills, Destruction and Conjuration count as “Combat Skills”. Enchanting is allowed, as is alchemy so use these to your advantage. Expert+ Difficulty is recommended.


In order for an inn to count, there are a few steps. When you enter an Inn, you can eat and play until close to nightfall. Then you may play for your room and sleep. You must spend the next day in or around the inn, either not leaving the general area or town it is located in. You can use this time however you wish. After this day, you sleep once more and then leave preferably around sunrise to continue your travels. The end-goals of this challenge are many and you can pick whichever you like as a main goal, but don't be flaky! Commit to your goals!




  1. Purchase the house in solitude or fully build any of the 3 Hearthfire houses

  2. Maximize speech

  3. Play at each inn at least 10 times, preferably creating the fastest route between them

  4. Make 50K lifetime gold




Travelling Burglar


  1. You may do the Thieves Guild questline

  2. Steal without being seen on your travels

  3. If you get caught, you must run


Dark Brotherhood Bard


  1. You may do the Dark Brotherhood questline

  2. Do “Dark Brotherhood Forever!” quests on your travels

  3. If you get caught, you must flee



Thoughts, opinions? I sort of dislike the amount of challenges I've seen that are just "make the game bulls*** hard by wearing no armor and fisting dragons", so I thought i'd try my hand at making one myself.

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