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Subnautica Mod flagged as virus

subnautica modhelp

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I've been using mods for a while on Subnautica and I've never had this problem before. I'm not sure if one of the mods I downloaded had an update that caused this or what's going on. I deleted the mods and reinstalled the game so I know the game isn't actually the problem. It's a bit upsetting because I feel the mods made my experience with the game a lot more fun, (Not that it wasn't already.) If anyone can help me, I would definitely appreciate it. I will list what mods I have below so that you might give me a few suggestions as to what the problem was.



Auto sort Lockers

Better Power Info

Better Scanning Blips

Blueprint Tracker

Custom Beacons

Decorations Mod

Docked Vehicle Storage Access

Drillable Scan

Easy Craft

Enhanced Sleep

Habitat Control Panel

No Warpers after Quarantine Shutdown

QCreature Config


Safe Autosave

SML Helper

Subnautica Map


White Lights

More Ingots

More Seamoth Upgrades

Unpack Ingots




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After much analysis, I have discovered that the antivirus had flagged items within my save file that were the direct result of mods due to how they must affect the file itself, thus giving a false positive. I don't know how to mark this as solved, but to anyone reading this, just do a clean install of Subnautica and create a clean save file. Then reinstall QMods and gradually add your mods back into the folder, saving over your new game each time and running antivirus. You should run into the same false positive. These items should not affect any other part of your computer, as they only target the save file itself. I hope this helps anyone else running into this problem.

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