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FO76: No modding till november 2019, at the soonest.

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Interview with Pete Hines here:



Gist of it:


"I don't foresee a universe in which we allow players to come in [to Fallout 76's public servers] with their own unique and different mods. If you want to run mods, they'll have to be done on a private server," Hines explained. "You'll be deciding what sort of mods you're including and running, and everyone playing on that server is playing with those mods."


Mods aren't coming to Fallout 76 at launch, however. Hines cautioned that mods may not be supported in Fallout 76 until November 2019 at the soonest. "It's going to be a lot of work. But mods and private servers are definitely coming," Hines said.



It seems we've got more than a year to wait and see how this game will be received and whether it has any long term value apart from eventually playing it with mods.


There's some things that I like:


- Playing with just a few other players on a server, (rather than an entire legion of bunny hopping, emoting lunatics with a bad dress sense).

- The prospect of private servers and mods

- The size and setting of the gameworld

- It's another Fallout title

- According to some stuff I read: you are not so much shoehorned in a roll as 'savior of the galaxy' or leader of factions but rather just another vault dweller. This I like. It MIGHT open up the door for more realistic and immersive roleplaying. Whether you do that by yourself or with friends.


There's some big questions I still have:


- Will there be censorship on mods / will they be hosted on CC only or will third party platforms and open modding still be supported?

- In what way will this game be any different from all the other themepark (m)morpg's which I played before and got really tired of?

- Will there be dedicated RP servers?


And there's stuff which I don't like at all:


- No friendly human npc's (From hearsay because those might confuse players about whether a human actor is an npc or player, lol ... ).

- Gameplay over immersion & lore: re-nuking the wasteland on a daily basis seems really off to me. Yeah big explosions are cool but they need to be very rare to make sense. (Like in Fallout 3).

- One-size fits all pvp resolution, rather than dedicated pvp and pve servers with different rules.

- Seems kind of themeparkish with bread and butter mmo quests and grinding.

- No modding till who knows when.


Anyway, enough reasons to be interested yet very cautious. I learned my lesson in the past by jumping in too early on some titles and I can advice everyone to wait and see how the player feedback will be, at least until a few months after launch.


*off to buy some more post-launch metacritic pop-corn*

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thanks for the Op-Ed, Dikr.

it was great to read.


this seems a fair reflection.


enough reasons to be interested yet very cautious.



I'm happy they're addressing how mods and

the "Friday night RoleplayingGame Crowd" will be happening,

as that's how a few other MMORPGs function.


that, and we're learning more about Modiphius and even more tabletop Fallout stuff,

so it's good times to be a fallout fan ATM IMHO.

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