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Helpful Hints in Making Longer Post!

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I originally wrote this on an Old RP forum of mine, but thought it might help some new players here!
I have been RP-ING for a few years now and when I first started out they were indeed one liners, I think I have come a long way since then but I didn't do it by myself I had help. Please don't take this as any offense as I mean none by it but I believe when RP-ING learning new techniques makes us grow as a person and develops our characters more
Starting a thread
Sometimes starting a thread can be hard and they do vary in size. The best way to get a good size post in for the first thread is to explain a few things about your character and the environment around them.
First paragraph
Discribe the area around you. Even if you posted in a forum that is named "The forest" Still discribe it. Are you in tree intested one where the tracks are hard to find, or is there a set foot path to make your journey easier? Also add what time it is, not like 4:32pm but is it late afternoon? Evening? Early Morning? Is there mist around you? Animals? What can you hear?
You'd be surprised how much you type when you think of these things, of course you dont have to add them all.
Second paragraph
Here is where your character makes his/her enterence, discribe them. Even if you used a picture in your application discribed what they look like today. Their clothes/armor, if they have just woken up is their hair messy? Are they injured? Feeling sick? 
Also add what they are doing here, so their actions. Are they camping out? Hunting? On their way to a new town? Left a town? Are they being followed and therefore are they walking cautiously?
Third paragraph
Their thoughts. Discribe how they are feeling, are they depressed because they just lost a friend. Angry because they were in a fight? Happy because they got lucky? (And you know what I mean) 
Forth paragraph
Finally leaving the thread open for someone to enter and meeting another character. From here you could say you heard something and hid to see who it was. Bumped into someone, attacked by an NPC and your out numbered.
If you choose the first one desribe where you hid, are they nervous about who was following them?
If you choose the second, did you fall on your backside or just stumble back? 
If your choose the last one, how many are there? What are they? (Human, Vampire, Lycan, Demon, ETCETERA?) 
Replying to a thread
Replying can be just as hard as starting a thread.
First paragraph
What were they doing before they met the other character? Were just out for a stroll? 
Second paragraph
Like the second one above discribe them.
Third paragraph
Now depending on how the other post is left open depends on this thread. This is your reaction.
If they choose a hiding spot, did you see a shadow move? Are your spidey senses tingling? Also you could say "Come out I know your there." Or "I think I need to cut back on the ale, I'm seeing things." Or something along those lines for when its there turn to post back that they can reply to.
Forth Paragraph
Your thoughts, what do you think about the other character? Are they rude? Do you think their handsome/beautiful? If the other has scars what are your thoughts about them? eg, do you think the other is a warrior who has seen many battles? Do you feel sorry for them because of the scars? If your a Elf and the other is a Human, what is your thoughts about another race?
This helps the other person know what you think of their character, it builds relationships, friendships and can make different enemies.
From here on
From here on the only things you have to worry about in your post are, discribing their actions towards the other character. Maybe add a bit of your history in case the other person hasn't had a chance to read it. eg, talk about why they have a lot of pride or why they are stubborn. 
If you feel your character likes the other, explain it to them in your thoughts, so even though its not said out loud they have an idea where you want their friendship to lead.
If your character is male and your posting with a female character, does anything about that other character interests yours? If they flirt with you how would you react.
Just remember those little things and you'd be surprised how long a thread can last or where it could lead.
And TaDa, you have yourself a longer post then you normally would do. Posting more is good, the more detail you can give about your character the more the other person can reply too. Which means a longer thread and story line for your characters.
As I said its just some helpful hints and you don't have to follow them at all, I just wanted to pass on my years of RP-ING experience around. Also these aren't set rules just a guide line into making longer posts.

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