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Fallout Civilization 6


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Last night while my fallout obsessed mind pondered away before sleep, I came up with the idea of a fallout mod for Civilization 6. So today I had a look around but only to find people had thought of the idea years ago but featuring a much older version of civilization. So thought since I have no skills in modding I would leave the suggestion on here in hope some modder would perhaps take the idea on.

I'm thinking each fallout faction/creature could replace the standard world leaders, super mutants, raiders, survivors, BoS, Outcasts, Institute, Ghouls, Vault Dwellers etc

Barbarians could be the wasteland creatures & I'm spitballing here but..

Barb-scouts becoming say Feral Dogs?

Barb-warriors becoming Mirelurks?

Barb-Slingers becoming Bloatfly's?

Barb-knights becoming Deathclaws?

You get the idea.

Just like the barbarians the separate leaders could have their own unique set of units for instance..

Super mutant swordsman could be renamed super mutant brute and given their own 3d model

Raider swordsman could be renamed Raider Pyscho and given their own 3d model

I'm not sure what could be done about any naval aspect of the game... but for simplicity the map could be completely land based. There could be irradiated areas where you lose health per turn or suffer combat penalties. Resource wise I thought maybe brahmin instead of horses, sources of Iron could be replaced with maybe sources of guns allowing you to create certain units that use guns? Surviving humans could create farms providing food for growth, supermutant could create farms renamed butchery station?

I imagine the technology tree needs some thought but you can imagine yourself.

Production wise each leader could have resource boosting 'buildings', tech boosting (vault dwellers-science department, supermutants- A thinker), Bottle cap boosting building scavenger?, Food boosting building could be a Cook, entertainment/amenities chem lab?
Districts renamed in a similar fashion, or even replacing settlement buildings, for instance the cook and the scavenger could be seperate districts?

No idea about culture or governements.. Could maybe just provide you with policies?

tribal villages could be scavengable locations providing caps, food boosts, tech boosts, units.

You get the general idea. Sorry for the incoherent format of my thoughts. Any ideas and suggestions?



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