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Ain't that a Kick in the Head?

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Urien buckled over, almost falling on his hands and knees as scraps of his armor flew everywhere, and the armor completely locked up. The damage alone would likely have done that, but Ferox's zap glove was fitted with an Electro-magnetic pulse charge, meaning Urien's army had been rendered powerless.
He just barely managed to regain his balance before the armor stuttered to life again, barely holding itself together. He didn't notice the sealed casing that flew out the window and landed in front of Jackson, who picked it up with a curious "....the hell?"
Urien picked up his Super Sledge and took a swing at Ferox and dodged around him so that Ferox was backed to the window instead, before the whole facility shook with an explosion an the weakened floor collapsed underneath them, sending both Urien and Ferox tumbling a good ten feet to the floor below, rubble separating the two of them for the moment. Urien landed on his head and lay there, stunned, before looking sideways and retrieving his weapons. He was astonished to find that Bug-Eyes had landed beside him, and picked that up as well, after clipping the super sledge onto the still-intact sheath on his back. He had a difficult time lugging all this equipment around, but he managed. He made his way towards the back of the facility, away from the group.
Versing hefted his shotgun up and around to fire at Urien, only to find that instead of an Outcast and Ferox, there was only a cloud of dust.

"Hey, the floor collapsed!" Jackson shouted.

"Is the loss of Ferox really that big a deal?" Versing muttered to himself, intending to stay outside. This all changed when Jackson deemed it prudent to run inside, Chaser at his heels. "DAMNIT, JACKSON!" He ran in himself.

Jackson approached Ferox. "Hey, you alright?" Before Versing came right up behind him and dragged them both out by the scruffs of their necks. He pulled them behind a car and lumped them there.
"Versing, did you just attempt to save the ex-Crossdresser?" Jackson teased.
"Axelle would kick my gorgeous rear end if I didn't, kid."
Master was here. Master was hurt. Where was his master?
He could pick up the scent of his master, and his Master's blood, but he didn't see or hear his Master anywhere. He ignored the other dead bodies, he didn't have time for a meal when Master was hurt.
He sniffed his Master's corpse...or rather, the severed remains of the man who had once been his Master. But his Master never used to look like this...
Master was dead.
Suddenly everything felt heavy and tiring, so he laid down in the blood-stained grass, chasing off the vultures that went for Master's corpse. He whined sadly, not moving, and half-heartedly scratched his ear. He was the only living thing now amidst a field of dead bodies, and even for him it felt so lonely...


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