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[DS2 Scholar] Can't dump HP & Stamina textures! IGP11

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Hello guys,


I've recently started attempts to mod DS2 SotfS for PC and I'm using using igp11.


I get into the game to start dumping textures so I can modify them and while it literally seems to dump every other texture, it doesn't seem to dump the texture for the bars (health & stamina), as well as the art around them. It even dumps all the other elements of the interface... it's weird. I tried running around to "use" the bars, changed area, but it never dumped the texture I want.


I tried retexturing something for the lolz and it does work, but I really wanted to re-texture the bars to make their colours more vibrant, I'm a little sick of DS2's drab feeling.


If anyone has faced this issue, or  knows how to fix it please tell me. Honestly, if you've simply dumped the texture and can send it to me, I'd appreciate even that.


Thanks in advance!




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have you by chance found a solution to this, i have encountered the same issue and this is literally the only place i found any mention of it.

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My memory is a bit hazy over this but i was messing around with all the HUD stuff way back when and i recall all of those textures dumping right when you start the game and you're still in the opening menus. Problem is a shitload of textures dump when you start and it can be a pain in the ass to wade through them all.


BTW, i dumped my textures in the original DS2 Scholar with Gedosato so that won't help with IGP11 and the DX11 version of Scholar but there's no way the textures shouldn't be dumping when the game loads into the menus using IGP11.



Edit: I believe the texture you're looking for that has the health and stamina bars on it is named 32768_14467864812956854312.dds


I found the name of it in this mod.


If i were you i'd download that mod so you have an idea of what specific textures to grab after you dumped unmodified textures from your game. If you don't want to do that just dump your textures and look for the file name i listed above because that's the same texture i changed the color of my health and stamina bars in my game (and old mod).

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