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Jorrvaskr Harvinger add 1 Quest, Become Windhelm Jarl + Add relate Quest Mod Requests

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I'd like to think that add some quests and new positions to dragonborn


First About the Jorrvaskr Harvinger(I mean leader of companion)


Add 1 quest that relate with hearth fire When collected all the totem of wolf and clean the soul of brothers(Vilkas, Falkas)


By order of Harvinger(leader of companion) Jorrvaskr Adopt all the Orphans from nine hold and grew them as New Companion


They training, playing fight, eat, and sleeping in Jorrvaskr,


I know there is mod that Hearthfired Multiple Adoption but It won't seems right to me. To me it looks another orphanage to me.


So the Children who didn't Adopted by Dragonborn, They will training in jorrvaskr as New Companion


But, Still they will call you Father or Mother...



This is my First Request

(I know I already requests some mod but... seems like they don't care... so... heh...)



Second one is Become Jarl of Windhelm


This will change the game a lot


BEFORE the CIVIL WAR - To become Jarl of Windhelm, you need to ask Ulfric Stormcloak in Old way


As Ulfric fight with Torygg(High King of Skyrim-Dead)


Kill Ulfric and Become New JARL OF WINDHELM Also New Leader of Storm cload



If this way you become jarl of windhelm, As a Stormcloak leader, order TO STORMCLOAK Stop Racist in


Windhelm, Allow Argonion come in to the City, Improved Grey Quarter(Dunmer living)-this will change texture of door, inside it will same as other nord noble house.


To CIVIL WAR Quest, You can Attack the city with your army(Still it will about the fort war... maybe...)


You can Dismiss the Jarl of Captured City or recruit the New Jarl of Captured City


And other QUest ORDER Stormcloak Elite To Kill all the remains Thalmor in Skyrim


(For this, If you finished Main Quest that enter the Thalmor Embassy Things... You can Send Soldier to Clean Hear)


And Order Soldier To Save Thoral Grey-Mane(relate Quest-Missing in Action)




AFTER the CIVIL WAR - To become Jarl of Windhelm, General Tulus and Dunmer(Dark Elves) Call you As


a War Hero of imperial And Ask you to Become New Jarl of Windhelm


Same relate Quest- Order that Argonian can come in city and improved Dunmer refugee




Another Relate Quest  BEFORE the CIVIL WAR become Jarl of Windhelm


-When you Kill General Tullius and Civil War End. The map mark of Katarina ship will be appeared nearby the Solitude dock or Windhelm dock



-Katarina Ship is that appears in when you are in DARK BROTHERHOOD to kill Real Emperor


but this mod quest is not for Kill emperor.



As the Jarl of Windhelm and Future High King of Skyrim You will meet Emperor for New Alliance for Against Thalmor


(with Tullius Coffin)


But If you are Already In Dark BrotherHood you Can't meet Emperor, but Another Imperial General(Not Tullius) will come to See you and Ask for Help Save the Imperial


And Hope this will relate with -The Scond Great War Mod (why I can't link it hear...?)


This is my new mod request

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