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Invulnerability through CheatEngine

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I searched the internet for a possible Godmode for "F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin" as due to sustained nerve damage, my hands no longer possess the swiftness and accuracy to survive the onslaught during a tramride sequence. I was stuck.


I stumbled upon the following internet page https://wiki.cheaten...eats:F.E.A.R._2 which contains a code to be used with CheatEngine (https://cheatengine.org/) that makes the player invulnerable.


What is required?

1. CheatEngine (I have CheatEngine 6.6)

2. The Code


I acquired "F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin + Reborn" (1.05) through GOG.com.

I did NOT test this method on "Reborn"; just "Project Origin".


- - - - -


Word of caution:

When clicking the "Download" button on "CheatEngine.org" My ESET Internet Security shows a message window that flags the link as being "disreputable".


However, the same ESET does not give any virus warning when I installed the application and no virus warnings when I start CheatEngine.


If you have any reservations on downloading and/or using CheatEngine, then there is only one sensible recourse: just DON'T DO IT.


If you have used CheatEngine in the past and you believe it to be a safe application, keep reading.


- - - - -


Now, how to make it work:


01. Start Cheat Engine
02. Start F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin
03. Continue or Start New Game
04. When Ready to Play Press "Escape" to Pause Game
05. Alt-tab out of game to Cheat Engine.
06. Open Process "fear2.exe"
07. Open "Memory Viewer"
08. Goto "Tools" -> "Auto Assemble"
09. Copy and Paste the Code into the new window
10. Hit "Execute" and confirm code injection.
11. Alt-tab back into the game
12. Play


- - - - -


That's all.

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