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Immersive Power Armor Helmet HUD/Filters

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So, I've taken a break from this game for a few years and I'm really excited to return back to it! Especially after all these different and fantastic mods accumulated and evolved. Strengthening the immersion;  The weather, the texture lighting tweaks, the foliage, even the attempts at Realistic First Person Camera, all the different fraction armors. It's absolutely incredible and I'm unbelievably thankful that Nexus has so many talented modders making things that I could only dream the game developers would include.

Although while I'm sure there is probably a good reason I'm just surprised  there isn't any mods that make any hard changes to the HUD or the First-Person View Filters of Power Armor.  Such as this example in Bioshock in the link.

 When you put on the helmet it will trigger a black filter in front of your First Person Camera to simulate looking through the glass of said Helmet.  I always thought it was so immersive! It would be even more immersive to see some kind of custom HUDs for each type of Helmet. Raider themed/Military themed /Advanced X-01 Themed.  

I'd also like to point out while I have no real modding experience outside of map editors.  If I were to make this mod myself with the helmet outline blocking the 1st person camera - would I need to utilize the script extender or is it something simple like adding an image in the directory in F4Editor that can be prompted by equipping the helmet?  With some advice I'd be willing to make the mod myself even though genuinely I would rather leave it to the professionals.


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I would look at these







If you can figure out what they change and how they work, you are on your way.


I think for effects like in the bioshock vid, it would be imagespace modifier and messing around with color layers etc. There may be option to add nifs that create effects, You probably wanna also look at the vanilla night vision perk, it has those sort of blurred edges.


For the overlay, I dont know if its as simple as a texture file for something static like the dash area that houses the hud elements in the PA. but again, look at the vanilla and look at these mods and what they change. I think for actual hud element editing, its something different and they use a file type like .swf or something.


Gas masks of the wasteland also adds image space modifiers and overlays textures. but that might be a very complicated example to try and dissect, coz it adds dynamic changes. You probably wanna go with something static that is a simple on when the armor is equipped, and off when not.

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