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Mod creation

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The best game graphic design program for modding would be unreal engine 4.20 could virtually rebuild the game skyrim from the ground up in photorealism, and all the game assets as well, also there is special types of GPUs all modders should be using Leadtek Quadro RTX 5000, Leadtek RTX 6000 & the Leadtek Quadro GV100 these are the types of GPUs are ment for creating mods and gaming, there for sale at nvidia & Mwave two of the best places find under GPUs workstation also the motherboads should be workstation, should also how much DDR4 rams have as well in unreal engine 4 maximum rams should be 32 gigs of rams any higher end up with diminishing returns, also Hard drives should be SSD 860 Evo 1 Tb, im wondering if it is the reasons why skyrim is so clitchy is a coarse by the creation kit, if that is another reason why, every time i play games which has be created by EPIC the unreal engine 4 i never ever get any clitches, and freezing, and i use a PlayStation 4 pro, but every time i play skyrim full out 4 goty the game are completely unplayable maybe skyrim fullout 4 should have been made with unreal engine 4 and then it will be the answer, also using a gaming gpu is purely designed for playing games only not for creating mods, Quadro RTX and the Quadro GV100 are designed for graphic designs not gaming, no wonder why skyrim fullout 4 don't run right all the emails get sent from people having trouble playing skyrim, everyone should check-out what GPUs are being used, maybe if modders want playing skyrim as well as modding, use the Quadro RTX 5000 for creating mods and to play skyrim fullout 4 use your GTX 1080 ti gpu, so if creating mods switch on the Quadro RTX 5000, and turn off the GTX 1080 ti gpu, then when want to play skyrim to making sure skyrim works with mods created using a Quadro RTX 5000 turn off the Quadro RTX 5000 gpu then switch on the GTX 1080 ti gpu making sure skyrim works with mods well, good luck 




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I am not a tech specialist, but that what you said is nothing relevant to mod creation. We all know that if you have a fast and high powered rig you can get high screen quality and a smooth game play.

Yes you could rebuild skyrim in UE, but not with Bethesda's consent - even if you would create all assets from scratch. Yes I would look great, we all can guess that but no one will put that energy into it. Seeing that Beyond Skyrim works since years on a their projects - if you have a team to manage that workload in 5 years time you better be advised to make a brand new game, so you can make money from.  


Of course its always great to have fast graphic cards or processors for playing games but that has nothing to do with modding.

The quality of the mod does not change with a better hardware, it just runs faster eventually. Also clichés are not disappearing just because you have a better hardware. Clichés are created by the software and mods which are not optimized and cleaned. Also most people's bad practices of removing and adding mods constantly without cleaning game saves is one of the biggest issue of crashes as well as mod compatibility and load order.

Problems with the CK also do not go away with a faster and better hardware, it just runs smoother till you run into a crash.


Of course if the game crashes you experience comes from overloading your gpu and ram with lots of graphic enhancing mods, than yes that will all go away with better hardware.


Comparing the Unreal Engine with the Creation Kit also makes no sense. Unreal Engine 4.20 is far more advanced than the technology of the creation engine. The creators of UE 4 do nothing else than work on the functionality of their engine where as Bethesda made the engine specific tailored for the game needs and nothing more, also their (Bethesda) efforts been focusing on the game development and just made the engine run (and not creating a perfect engine).


Thank you anyway for sharing your thoughts here but you might want to make some more research on that topic, before you recommend others to spend money on hardware that might not even solve their issues.



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