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linking an armor mesh to skeleton blender 2.4.9b

blender skyrim

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Ive been trying to 3d model a character in skyrim for 3d printing. When I finally got the nifs to import i ran into another problem.


The skeleton has a malebody attatched to it. But I want my armor attatched to the skeleton instead. Im literally clueless on what to do since i've never used blender.



im using blender version 2.7.8b


im using antons animation tools for the skeleton




heres a 'more detailed picture' of what im  trying to do.




please help me. im completely new to this and I dont know what to do.



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Ive made a mistake in the title, I am actually using 2.7.8b as said in the description!



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I'm actually more familiar with 2.49b and rarely use 2.78, but I don't think the basics of it and keyboard commands have changed that much so this will probably work for you.


What you want to do is parent the armor to the skeleton:


Right Click on the Armor

Shift Right Click on the Skeleton

Ctrl-P and select Make Parent


Edit: just took a look at 2.78 and after Ctrl-P selecting armature deform seems to do the trick


I'm assuming that armor is already weighted, so once you parent it then it should snap into position with the skeleton.


If it isn't already weighted then the simplest thing to do would be to run the bone weight copy script and copy the weighting from the body.


Good luck.

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