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My follower's face meshes and textures have disappeared!

custom follower troubleshooting navmesh missing files

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Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this!


I'm fairly new to modding and learning as I go, so I'm sure I've made a mistake somewhere. I was having trouble getting my follower to follow her daily schedule. She would get to one custom room I made, perform her AI package, and then nothing. I was sure it was a navmesh problem, but nothing I did seemed to help. The navmesh finalized just fine with the portal completely within the triangle, and none of the vertices were too far above the floor. Then I read somewhere that there was an old bug that was caused by Skyrim 1.6 where custom NPCs would not be able to leave custom rooms, and that the way to negate that was to change the file from a .esp to a .esm. I figured I'd give it a try even though my version of Skyrim is up to date, especially since I'm hoping to make a fairly large quest mod out of this eventually anyway and making it a master file makes sense (at least to me, as I'm still learning and don't really know what I'm doing... :psyduck: ).


Well, it worked! Problem is, poor baby Mirali's face is all wrong! She's defaulted back to the Plain Jane kiddo face. All of her meshes and textures that I had saved in the appropriate folders have disappeared. I haven't taken the time to try to put them back yet, mostly because I don't want to risk somehow making another mistake somewhere, or ignoring one that could potentially cause problems down the line. Does anyone know what might have happened here and if there's a way to get the files back without having to go through the old song and dance of importing her face again? Or at least, is it safe for me to replace her meshes and textures without somehow messing things up?


Thank you again!

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