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Mod Organizer and Vortex

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So. I remember earlier this year, something broke Mod Organizer? And even NMM? I've always used MO for everything except for Fallout 4. I used NMM for Fallout 4 and then NMM also broke and had the "login failed" error. I think that's what it said anyway.


What's the situation now? MO is completely useless? And Mod Organizer 2 is now the thing to use? Can I use it for Skyrim and NV? And What's up with Vortex?


I really need someone to just give me the breakdown of what's happened as I haven't done any real modding in well over a year. I've just been installing mods from archive for NV and a little for Skyrim through MO.





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There is an updated version of NMM available on github, that still works on Nexus. It was a security thing for logins that screwed it all up. I don't know if MO has been updated, or MO2 either.



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What happened was that the European Union passed a law that, among other things, required encryption for login requests on every site.  So the Nexus updated their servers, and therefore changed the way the site "talks" to NMM/MO.  As HeyYou said, NMM was updated, and the MO2 team released an update for MO1.


Here's how to update MO.  It was written for a computer-illiterate person, so apologies for the hand-holding:

I don't know your skill level, so apologies if this is too much info.

The Mod Organizer developers have released a patch that makes this unnecessary.  Click here: https://www.nexusmod.../6194?tab=files and scroll down a little until you see "Miscellaneous files", and under it "Mod Organizer 1 Legacy" and a light blue check mark next to it.  Click the words "Mod Organizer 1 Legacy", and the box will expand.  Then click "Manual Download" and wait for your web browser to download it.  Open the file called "Mod Organizer 1 Legacy-6194-1-3-15.zip" and you should see a list of files.  Press (on your keyboard) CTRL and A at the same time, and it will select all of them.  Then press (again on your keyboard) CTRL and C to copy them.  Then go to where you have installed Mod Organizer (most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer or C:\Games\Mod Organizer ) and press CTRL and P to paste them.  Say "yes" or "overwrite" if it asks you.  Then you're done!

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