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Help regarding exterior cells and exterior modding

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Im currently building a fairly large structure that spans across multiple exterior cells in the 'wilderness'. Is this safe? Is there a way to combine these cells into one? Is there something I should know regarding LOD versions of my structure? I understand navmesh and that I'll need to do that at some point. I don't have a lot of experience editing exterior structures so I'm wondering what I should know besides the basic visual editing aspects of the process. Thanks!



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This engine in particular is sensitive to very large meshes spanning multiple cells. Depending on the severity, your mesh will unload at awkward distances (even if you're right under it), and in some cases, will produce crashes. The way i got around this is by chopping up my mesh into several pieces, each with it's pivot point centered, as well as with the entire mesh centered as well, then lining up the pieces manually in CK. It's also a wise move to make LOD pieces for your meshes, as a large structure suddenly popping in doesn't present well. 





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what he said, AND.... I put things that spawn multiple cells in the exterior a lot,   place some clouds around it bingo nobody knows any better cuz its hidden lol way easier



oh and be sure to line up your navmeshes side by side with each other this can be tedious but youll know if you got it right because upon finalizing navmesh some green boxes will pop up along the border meaning its all good

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