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Editing/Adding Pip-Boy menus?

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Does anyone know of a way to add menus to the Pip-Boy? I'm working on a survival mode (hunger, thirst, sleep, etc) mod, and want to add New-Vegas style tabs to the CND section, but I have no idea where that information is stored or accessed, and prodding around the GECK has so far not yielded anything but a "Radiation" menu that seems to house the breakpoints for rad poisoning.


Does anyone have any idea how to do this, or is able to point me in the general direction? Is this even doable with F3's engine? Iirc, I've seen other mods that merge menus and such but I don't remember what  they are, so I can't reverse engineer them.


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The majority of that is done in the \menus\ "..".XML files that contain the layout information. The 2 mods that comes to mind as an example of how the pip-boy menus can be altered are DarnUI and VanillaUI-Plus. There may also be an example of adding that information to the pip-boy in the XML files include in Vicious Wastes.


This may provide some extra understanding also .. https://www.loversla...-hud-xml-files/


The difference between the vanilla stats_menu.xml,  the one from DarnUI and the other two mods should provide a decent example of how the tabs 'might' be able to be rearranged, or new ones added.


You'll likely have to do a lot of reading of the code, and extra research to understand XML in general and specifically how it's used by Fallout 3 for the pip-boy.


If you're really ambitions, you can compare the vanilla start_menu.xml to the DarnUI one for an example of how something completely new was added there also.

(the start and pause menu)

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