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Shield mod!


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So, i bought the game, started playing, was MARVELED by the sense of being in ancient greece, i f***ing love history man, specially the ancient greeks. Some 2 hours into the game and i think to myself: where is my shield, goddamnit, about time they gave me one, and with a troubling thought lurking in my mind i proceeded to google to discover the cruel, sad and inexcusable fact that we indeed cannot use a shield the entire game. I was shocked, then angry, and then i closed the game and came here in the hopes of finding what could make my journey complete, just to be disappointed again, so here i am, quite peddantly, asking you kind stranger to be the hero of this story.

Someone, anyone, please, oh gods please make some modding magic and give us shields, how can i play in ancient greece and not have a glorious aspis? I feel like a cowboy in the wild west shooting people with a bow, i just can't feel myself immersed in the damn thing, and its Assassin's Creed! For f***'s sake, one of the premises is to feel immersed in the historical setting. The animations are there, the ai uses it without problems, is there any tools that may enable such a feat? How hard is to mod AC games? Any info is better than nothing, and any help greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time anyway. If this post is not according to rules i'm sorry, i just came here to post it. I'll end it with a famous phrase by Plutarch credited to spartans when going to war: Come back with your shield, or on it.




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I wonder if someone is actually working on this as we speak...




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My god what a bad idea to not have shields.

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