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Shields block arrows, period, and 99% of damage

combat shields blocking useful

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Hello, could someone please make a mod that makes it so that shields block arrows? yeah i know theres a perk that does that but...smh meh. if you put a hunk of wood and/or steel between you and an incoming arrow, 99.99% of the time the arrow is going to hit that shield and its going to stop that arrow. you don't need some perk to make it so a shields does what they were made to do. 


I hate it how when you put up your shield against an archer and the arrow passes through it and hits you all because you don't have this dumb perk. and even with the perk the arrow still does damage. whitch is completely stupid. if you block with a shield the arrow should hit the shield and get stuck in the shield and do literally NO damage to you. that includes melee hits as well for the most part melee attacks that get blocked should do like one or two damage, absolutely piss all if you count in natural healing witch would negate the one or two damage.


To balance this i suggest damageable shields that if it absorbs enough damage it would break apart gradually providing less and less protection until it just falls apart. and leaves you without a shield.


I can take or leave these ideas


and in regards to magic spells it should really depend in the spell being flung at you. but for the most part it should (again depending on the spell) do at the very least 25% less damage. projectile spells like fire bolt or ice spike should hit the shield and cause a little damage, ice spike a tiny bit more then fire bolt because it pierces the shield some what more so if its an ice spear. Spells like Flames and frostbite are basically like flame throwers, you can't block that, period, so full damage. sparks if you have a shield with a lot of metal on it witch would be pretty much all of them, won't do anything against electrical spells regardless of skill.


Spells like fire ball or other offensive spells with a small blast radius would if anything just destroy your shield with a few good hits along with 10% less damage to you. i mean it should help but i would put a sword in whatevers firing these fireballs at you right quick if you don't want to turn into a crispy stick man.


illusion spells no effect.


master spells No effect what so ever.


etc. etc.


you must know what i'm on about with this by now so i won't bore you with any more details unless asked.



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