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Turned off radios play in background while in menus?

radio sound bug quiet noise weird creepy spooky

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Hello Wastelanders,


While not exactly a game-breaking bug, I noticed something odd today while gaming through a session of Fallout 4.


I was inside of my Home Plate settlement, all radios turned off and just dead silence inside, except for me and my companion Heather walking around. When I went to go trade with her, I started to notice some....strange noise. At first, I thought it was just the mic from my headset echoing back the noise from outside.... so I listened further, at max volume... it sounded like.... a radio?


After more listening, closed the menu... and....silence.


I walked around for a bit, even noclipped outside thinking maybe I stuck a radio somewhere outside the map somehow. Nada.


I then initiated a trade again with Heather and once again, I could hear the sounds. It sounds like music, maybe someone talking in the background. I know I'm not going crazy, so I decided to record it with Audacity and amplify the volume.... lo and behold.... I discovered something a bit unsettling and weird.


It turns out that when in menus, even radios that are turned off....continue to play for some strange and odd reason.


What you'll hear in this clip is me alt+tabbing back into Fallout 4 after starting the recording, then exiting the menu. Since I amplified the volume by 70 db you might hear a sharp click....followed by....a continually building mix of several different radio stations playing at once...


Not sure if this is supposed to be happening or not, but I found it amusing and slightly strange.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this before? I'd like to hear from others who have had the same or similar experiences, and any fix if possible. Though not game breaking, certainly weird. And hopefully, not a precursor to further bugs :P



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