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[WIP] - The Yokudan Ascendancy

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The Elder Scrolls V:

The Yokudan Ascendancy.





The Yokudan Ascendency is a large-scale Quest mod for the Elder Scrolls V with releases planned for Legendary (regular) and Special edition. In this story, the player is promised 11 action-packed carefully crafted & interesting main-story quests as well as a shorter and less-extensive lore based storyline.


Main questline:


In this questline, the player discovers the mystery behind a dragon seeking to end all of Nirn – and this time not even the dragonborn can stop him. Discover the secrets behind Kronolyia – the realm of Akatosh and the final resting place of all deceased dragons. Become his champion, serve him loyally and discover true meaning of what it means to be “The last Dragonborn” and uncover the lost lore and secrets of the Aedra. Grow your power as dragonborn, unlocking raw, untapped power gifted to you by your creator and become the strongest mortal who ever lived.


Lore Questline:


After the events of the Dragon/Main Questline, the dragonborn faces a new threat. The Yokudan Ascendency’s oldest enemies – The true Descendants, a group of warriors from Hammerfell that arrived in the second Era in search of mythical Aedric Artefact said to be crafted by the divines. Both groups searched for it, but the stubborn and isolated ways of the Ascendency and the relaxed ways of the warriors clashed. The Yokudans eventually retreated back to their home in Oaksmere and the warriors assimilated into Skyrim culture and settled in the province, running Skyrim in the shadows from behind the scenes. Now, they have returned, and attempt to put an end to the Ascendency for the last time. In this questline, the tense history between the two groups are revealed as the dragonborn seeks to eradicate the latest threat to the Ascendency.


Other details:


The story attempts to explore the history of Yokuda and the migration to Tamriel that led to the Redguards of Hammerfell. Shedding light on their ways of life, their religion and everything that makes the redguards one of the most distinctive races of TES lore in terms of culture and history. Every character in the mod will be fully-voiced, each having their own unique character and personalities and can be interacted with or ignored if the player chooses.


The mod uses a huge advanced radiant system to generate a large amount of radiant quests with some shared between characters and some character-unique – in total around 50 radiant side quests only available at certain points throughout the story. There are also non-radiant 1-time only side quests for minor characters throughout the mod. Each individual radiant quest has 5 randomly generated emotions that influence the outcome and dialogue of each character for a quest. In rare event the player gets the same quest multiple times, the chance of them hearing the same lines are rare.


The same radiant quest to generate scenes and greetings between characters using relationships and factions to determine a group of randomly-selected lines to be said at any point during a conversation. For example, when a high-ranking member speaks to a low-ranking member they’re dialogue will be different if they speak to someone within the same rank, but these will both be different if the two characters happen to be friends.


The mod attempts to add an attempt of spontaneity, escaping from the sometimes fixed environment vanilla Skyrim can sometimes unintentionally create – characters’ decision will often be influenced by certain actions the player makes during the story, for example, whether Alduin has been defeated yet or not. The mod also comes with marriage opportunities, follower opportunities, trainers and more, creating an overall interesting and fun gameplay.



  • Custom Weapons and Armor (meshes and textures)
  • Custom Archetecture & interior meshes
  • Well-designed dungeons to explore throught the story line
  • Over 30 fully voiced NPCs
  • New worlds/ realms
  • New, unique and powerful spells and shouts
  • (Tries to be) Lore-friendly
  • New followers, spouses, and trainers
  • A brand new faction to join with a handful of characters and history to be uncovered
  • Well-designed and fitting rewards for quests


How can you help? (Any skill level/experience welcome!)

Due to the large nature of the mod, I have decided to keep this page as short as possible. Therefore I have decided to include this short list below and all other enquiries can be posted in this forum or I’ll be accepting DMs.



As previously stated, the mod is very large and although possible, it can be very tedious and time-consuming for a single person to write scripts for all the characters with different emotions and tones. Therefore we ask for assistance in order to allow us to write such complex scripts in a reasonable amount of time. Currently writing remains the top priority in the project.


Level designing:

Assistance in creating interesting and creative levels to clear and uncover throughout the mod.


Voice acting:

Please DM me or Post in the topic as we have yet to set up the required links and audition pages. Also, due to the large number of characters, we decided it best to not post them individually and instead allow people to tell us what type of voices they can perform.


Modelling & Texturing:

Assistance needed in creating custom assets for mod.


If you think you can add anything to the mod, even if not listed please do not hesitate to DM or post! ALL help is wanted! Thanks!




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Hi! I dm´ed you :)

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