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Oblivion Atronach Replacer?

atronach replacer oblivion request

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Kinda surprised this hasn't been done yet, but oh well.


I kinda like the old designs for the atronachs from oblivion (specifically the flame and frost atronachs). Think anyone would be willing to make a replacer mod to swap out the models for atronachs in skyrim for the models from oblivion?


I understand that the way the models are animated would make replacing them with the oblivion models kinda janky, especially the storm atronach (i'd be perfectly content with just the flame and frost atronachs being replaced), but it'd be nice to see. Not exactly expecting this to be made anytime soon, but it doesn't SEEM that hard to do (speaking from 0 mod experience tho so don't quote me). Though, I understand that people got their own stuff to worry about, so I can wait (I got college and work to worry about, along with my own personal projects, so I don't really have the time dedicate to learning how to mod. Plus, my computer is crap, and I'm honestly baffled as to how it can run skyrim at all).



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For a start, the models would need to be recreated from scratch as assets from past games can't just be ported over.
As someone with limited, basic modelling experience (and even then, only in Oblivion), it'd be really hard for me.
Finding someone who knows how to do it and wants to do it is a whole other thing. Not many of those types of people around :)

Personally I'd prefer the reverse. The Skyrim versions in Oblivion. Frost Atronachs in Oblivion, to me, were like giant blue teddy bears. I like the faceless blocks of ice in Skyrim :)

You never know, though. New modders pop up all the time. Someone may just fill your request :)

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