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Energy shield/force field

power armor armor

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Every time im in power armor i feel like in bigger armor that consume power.

I tried many mods and search also many of them but 99% just add dmg reduction on top of dmg reduction.

After many hours i found "The Wasteland Guardian".

It does exactly what i want

- energy shield (like in some fps and other games) [usefull for mitigating some of the cheap gmd]

- its not op and have progresion connected to player lvl

+ add auto stimpack and radaway injection (if u want it)

But it have some bugs and issues and also looks like author of the mod is not active anymore.

- (looks like) randomly stop working

just playing, receive some dmg - shield starts flickering and draining after shield brake it recharge even if u take dmg, after that shield still use idle power but all dmg go through, build in "shield restart", restarting game, changing cell or going in or out power armor does nothing. Only way i was able to fix it is to reload saves where it works (sometimes it can be 2+h back)

- explosion immunity

just looks like explosions of all types do notihng to you except damaging your power armor


If there is some mod that does similar thing, i will like to know about it.

If there is someone who will make pach/fix for this mod - i will not be the only one who will be happy
If there is someone who want to create such mod (hopefully), consider integrationg in PA and his power source.


I think there is not enough mods that add functional costomization to PA or add some interesting upgrades.

Most of the mods is visuals and "walking conctere-steal bunkers".



The Wasteland Guardian



Almost same mod from same author


Wasteland Energy Shields


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