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Mod Request: Customize Crew and player appearance.

customize crew customize player 3rd person camera on platform

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Dear Mod God's  :happy:


I would like a mod that could make it to where they can customize how a crew member looks, choose individual characteristics like face and hair, race/species, voice, clothing and lastly LET ME SEE/CHOOSE HOW MY OWN CHARTER LOOKS in 3rd person, most of the time i feel like a floating camera.

If i knew how to mod i would do it like this if possible
1. Make it to where i could buy all the clothing options or "blueprints" from a trader at any station
2. make a room that can be available at all stations titled Mall or barber that the player can take the elevator to just like the mangers office.
3. Make a NPC or a terminal in that room that you can talk to/use and you can customize any crew members on that station or any ships docked at the station.
4. The way you customize the crew members would be through the same Ship builder Menu/Station Builder Menu and it pulls from the blueprints you have bought and renders how your crew member will look with said item.

5. enable 3rd person camera when on a stations and on ships, i find it dumb you cant to this from the start of the game.

I think that would be the most realistic way to do it with out it being game breaking and giving you control over how both you and your crew looks. i know this would be a TALL order but i am willing to bet people would LOVE this and this mod would open the door to entire new branch of mods for this game.


just think about being able to add custom clothing to this game, make your crew look like members of serenity from firefly, or like star track or star wars.




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bumping this because I would love to request this very same thing, and am not going to make a duplicate post.

I will add that honestly any form of implementation of this is appreciated. If you can do it the way Shadowmarines78 described top dollar to you, but i will take anything. "Beggars cannot be choosers"

Edit for clarity: p.s. I am more interested in customizing the crew than myself since I see the crew in coms all the time. some are ugly as hell while others look decent.

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