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Plaques for settlement museums


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Is there or could there be a mod that allows one to place a wall or pedestal mounted plaque (such as those next to some displays in the Museum in Concord) that, when placed, would allow you to type in the text you want displayed and then display that text when activated? I know it wouldn't serve much purpose in a single player game but I'm building a power armor museum and I just want to indulge in the conceit of displaying my own interpretations of the lore (and my off the wall tall tales about where some of my modded in Power Armor designs came from) next to the suits. I am aware of the lettering in the game but the walls of text I want to display would require hours to piece together one letter at a time and would take up literal whole walls. Thanks!
Edit: Just to be 100% clear, I'm not looking for something that makes text that's readable in the game world, i.e. the label tape mod, but workshop placeable, use-key-activated plaques such as the ones that are on the sides of buildings along the Freedom Trail or in front of the Anchorage mural in Concord that pop up text within the HUD/UI.

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