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Zombie mod for farcry 5


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I believe that the devs missed a major opportunity to make a decent zombie game when they made the living dead zombie or whatever dlc. When I first heard of it I imagined it be based on the main game. Seed would be talking about Armageddon then bam, zombies. Instead they made a ridiculous Halloween fun park. There's a terrible director with terrible idieas. The zombies are fire zombies for some reason. I get it, most people don't like cool zombie movies that make sense. 


I wanted to suggest a mod for farcry. I don't know if it's even possible. It would be cool if someone made a mod that replaced the flaming call of duty ripoff zombies with dead NPCs who behave like zombies. Then make them spawn in groups like animals on the world map. This wouldn't exactly be lore friendly but iv always thought farcry games would be cool with zombie d dlc. I'm pretty disappointed in the one they finally made.


Honestly, game developers don't know how to make zombies cool and interesting. Just look at that newest walking dead trainwreck.


Thanks for reading my rant. Hope someone sees things the same as me.

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