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Witcher III - Wild Hunt New trailer.

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Well, hello there .

I searched a lot of info in the internet about how it is possible to change (swap) skins of characters in a game .
In most cases I came across Nexus mods of character swap and let me ask you something about it.

I am not able to write laconically big texts and i must say that it is not my native language. So sorry about that but i'm trying.

Let me pass to business and I would like to ask you help me with one video.

To explain an essence of that as it will look, I especially for this case, loaded raw demo of this video i'am talking about.
This video is gonna be 2k 60fps with subs etc . For now it ready by 10%, so you know, it's really raw model of it. 
Main idea i wanna make is a conflict between Caranthir and Geralt only,thats why i wanna swap models.

For this game trailer I need to change a models (game model of the character)
Eskel to Geralt and Ciri to the Geralt.
There is no any mod that changes Geralt into Ciri or Geralt into Eskel.

Of course I will specify your nickname or any info you want or a sign of your help by video. If any modders can give me any help of it. I downloaded Witcher 3 mod editor, but it's gonna take lots of time for me to check out how i can make it.
I was specially registered on this website to write and I hope you guys answer me something.

I hope that's not so difficult for you judging by your professionalism, and I hope that I should not spend lots of time to learn how can i do it by myself.
Thanks in advance. And i hope i post ir in a right place.

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Let me add that thats compilation of video fragments that i montage was from youtube. So i will record it throught the game.

I mean that video is gonna be high quality. And i also have a music studio in my house.

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