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I've been following a very good mod coder for a while called Etherealcoder and it's brought up a question I've had for a while. Why don't more modders use any of the "Modders Resource" items on the nexus.


For example the above moders content: 


A ready to use Left-for-Dead style AI director: https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/94857


An in-game NPC faction system that allows individual NPCs and groups to level and gain items independent of the player: https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/76803


AN AI framework system that allows you to give NPCs better classing, tactical awareness, and behaviors that's compatible with the major combat mods: https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/73912


This stuff could be used to elevate many of the new lands, combat overhauls, and NPC overhauls to Godly levels. This guy was implementing ideas back in 2016 that'd make most combat mods in 2018 jealous. So why is this guy so obscure?


I might not be mentioning anyone else off the top of my head, but there is a treasure trove of abandoned mods and modder's resources on the skyrim nexus that just languish in obscurity and don't get adapted/used in other mods despite amazing ideas.


If anyone else knows any Open Content mods/authors that deserve far more recognition, please post here so we can get more popular modders to use their resources.

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