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Disable/Freeze Pawns Study Data

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I'm not that good at modding things, but I am competent enough that with the legendary arctool and savetool from Fluffyquack, and HxD's hex/dec tool, I have been able to remove the captain's set cape, equip Mercedes in chimera half plate and griffon greaves, and turn Maddy into a dom. I painstakingly studied the studyflags and that is where I have run into a problem.


I know most people want their pawns to destroy their enemies and that is ok. For them. I really just want my pawn to hang back and heal/cure/buff, but as soon as they learn enough about any large, climbable enemy it winds up doing just that. They rush the enemy and start trying to poke the eye from a goreclops with a glorified stick. What I'm asking FYI is NOT ABOUT INCLINATIONS. THE INCLINATIONS ARE IRRELEVANT TO WHAT I AM ASKING. If I wanted to change inclinations I could just grab elixrs or even easier just use dinput8.dll to grab riftcrystals, elixrs, or just straight up edit that s*** right there and then because its just that good a mod.


What I want to know is how to freeze/lock the values for the study data for the pawn or at least restrict Pawn ai. I'm talking about preventing certain values in the savegame data from increasing; specifically mstudyflag and studyencountdata. Sure I can reset them to 0, but then my pawn just re-learns everything. I have changed the value types, but they reset to normal after a few seconds in front of the creature Im trying to dumb my pawn down for. I have tried renaming the lines entirely, same thing. So, I just deleted the lines, but then the game just recreates them. So I delete most of the back end of the array, and just like the frickin terminator it's back. I have tried manipulating the game.arc Goap files but I'm not even sure who they're for or what numbers to mess with. I changed the goap interface values and nothing. I changed the goal name to see if it would do anything, nothing. I DELETED THE WHOLE f***ing COLLECTION OF CLIMB IN GOAP! Game crashed for obvious reasons on that part.


I even tried looking at the enemy data but a lot of it is stuff I have no idea how to get to. I'm losing my mind over this.

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