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Purple Horse Texture Glitch

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Hello everyone,


I've run into the purple texture glitch in my game, but it's only affecting horses and not all horses, just the ones that pull carriages/carts. The only mods I have installed that have to do with horses are Immersive Horses, Immersive Stables 2.0, and Skyrim Horses Renewal which is a texture replacer. The vast majority of the horses in my game look amazing and are clearly using the high quality textures from Skyrim Horses Renewal. It's only the horses that are pulling the carts/carriages that are experiencing the purple texture glitch. I have use Mod Organizer and that's telling me I don't have any conflicts. I've run LOOT and that tells me that I don't have errors. I have plenty of VRAM and RAM. I even ran Skyrim Performance Monitor to make sure that I wasn't hitting the limit to explain the purple texture problem, but I'm nowhere close to the limit. I've experimented with my load order, putting Skyrim Horses Renewal on the very bottom etc. and no matter what I try the horses pulling the carts are still purple. If anyone has any ideas on what the cause or conflict could be and how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate your input and assistance. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post. 


Here is a link to a screenshot showing exactly what I'm talking about: two horses side by side one with normal high quality textures and one that's purple.




Update: I have narrowed the cause of my purple horse texture to Skyrim Horses Renewal. It's a beautiful mod and I absolutely love the way that it makes the horses look. It's the best horse texture replacer I've used. Unfortunately, with it activated the horses pulling carts/carriages turn purple. Without this mod installed, all the horses are normal and the purple texture problem disappears. I look at the files inside the mod itself and was able to find textures for cart horses so I have no idea why having it installed gives me the purple texture glitch. At the moment, I barely have any mods installed. I'm started a new clean game and am slowly installing mods, 4 or 5 at a time, to make sure that I don't experience any problem with them. I don't have any other mod installed that has to do with horses, just Skyrim Horses Renewal. I don't even have Convenient Horses or Immersive Horses installed. If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. 

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