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(SITE CLEANUP REQUEST) Halo Custom Edition mods to be moved to "Halo Custom Edition" game

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Currently, the vast majority of Halo Custom Edition mods hosted by NexusMods are under https://www.NexusMods.com/Halo rather than https://www.NexusMod...loCustomEdition. To prevent confusion among the community, Halo Custom Edition mods should be moved the appropriate gameID. It would also be much appreciated if the mod categories for Halo Custom Edition better reflected the game's modding scene. A good reference for suitable categories would be HaloMaps.org, which has served as a stable home for Custom Edition modding for over a decade. Unfortunately, it has aged poorly over the years and file uploads are no longer maintained by the site owner.


I'd understand if these requests are assigned a low priority, given the Halo community's low population and activity on NexusMods.


Thank you for your hard work, NexusMods!



P.S. The "4-player splitscreen Co-op" mod under the Halo Custom Edition gameID is actually for the XBOX release of the game, which has vast differences from Halo Custom Edition.

iirc, the original game on the XBOX has different file headers for .map files, uses proprietary shader technology, and runs on big endian hardware. Mods like this for Halo: Combat Evolved (XBOX) or even for Halo PC are not at all compatible with Halo Custom Edition. Map files, for instance, require conversion to the Custom-Edition-style file header, tag hierarchy, etc prior to use in Custom Edition.

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