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If the AI were just left to it.

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Hi all,

Had a thought today (which is rare xD), which faction in the latest version of vanilla Warband do you think would come out on top if the game was just left to run without *any* player input whatsoever? Do you think each faction would be balanced enough to stand it's ground against the other AI kingdoms and leave the game in a limbo state of constant conflict?

Personally I feel the Swadians with their heavy armour and knights would gradually pick away at everyone else till they were too weak to put up any kind of real fight.

I realise that realistically the battles would be fought based on autocalc which takes much of the individual skill and equipment of the soldiers out of the equation, but just say that every battle was fought on a map with each soldier taken into account (as the player would see it if they were there).

What's everyone's thoughts on this?

On a final note, this isn't a "lets bash faction x, y or z" discussion, please don't let it degenerate into that ;).




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Every game would play out differently, since a lot of randomized values influence how effective a faction fares.

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