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Recommended mods for Thief Playthrough

mods playthrough thief sneak sneaky assassin overhauls recommendations

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I've been playing Skyrim since launch and have racked up a couple of thousand hours by now, with mods included.

Therefore I have a good idea of which mods I want to use already, but mostly just immersion and graphics mods. (Also any kind of alternate start mod, of course, will not be playing as dragonborn.)


I wasn't able to find any good thief-related mods for Special Edition, so I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations for any thief related mods out there.

To narrow it down a little more, I'm looking for:

  • More difficult combat (I will mostly be playing as a pacifist, so having a challenge if I do get spotted is more immersive.)
  • Some better looking thief/assassin armor is always nice
  • Hideouts/player homes (which isn't just instantly available)
  • Weapons (such as daggers, bows, etc.)
  • Sneak overhauls/tweaks
  • Stolen goods overhauls/tweaks (if they do exist, guards knowing EVERY stolen bit isn't very immersive)
  • Prison/jail tweaks

I think that mostly narrows down the specifics of what I'm looking for, but I really appreciate any input on the matter regardless. If you know about any kind of immersion mod that would benefit a thief playthrough, more immersion is always better in my opinion.


Also, if you have any opinion on whether regular Skyrim would be more fitting for this (as there are literally tens of thousands more mods available there), I'd definitely like to hear it. I have both versions, so it doesn't matter too much. I think I specifically remember a mod that adds more hidden passages in the main cities and such, which would be really awesome as well, but if I remember correctly, it's only for the regular Skyrim edition.


Thanks a bunch in advance!



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  Some suggestions that may be interesting:




Very nice tweak on the vanilla AI Detection system. You can choose the version which better suits your gameplay depending on your lighting mods etc...


Ordinator also has great perks for a pure thief playing style (nice RP elements) :




 For armors, I use theses ones :










  Regarding daggers, I've always loved the Morgul Blade from the Lord of the Rings weapon pack :




 Hoping this has been helpful.


  Have a nice day




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Realistic Ai Detection was a really good suggestion. 

If you combine it with the first mod on the list below, and it changes the experience of dungeon delving or trespassing completely. The only annoying thing is that you have to be careful when NPCs outside of your party step on a trap. I got killed once during the College of Winterhold questline because Tolfdir was walking about six feet in front of me. Bastard just kept walking without a single word. XD

Lethal Traps https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/3860
Lockpicking Interface Redone https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/18028
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/2625
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/2626
Bosmer Armor Pack https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/5597
Bosmer Elder Shadow Armor https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/1752
Opulent Thieves Guild https://www.nexusmod...dition/mods/931
Frankly HD Thieves Armor https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/19953
Nerida - Custom Voice Rogue Follower https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/3341

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