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Mod Request for Dragon Vendor

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(sorry for posting in mod talk forgot to post here XD)
Hey so I was wondering if someone wanted to make an interesting and legit useful mod?
so the idea is fairly straightforward but it's got a lot of potential, what if there was a Dragon that loved Gold so much it'd share it's knowledge and items in exchange for some?
so the idea is that there's a cave (preferably on a mountain side) where an Ancient Gold Dragon resides atop his giant mound of gold and treasure, players can talk to this dragon and he'll allow them to buy Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, Dragon Teeth (New Alchemic item), and even Dragon Souls... atop all that he's even willing to teach the DragonBorn his language for a price, so you can pay for lessons to learn words to a certain shout you want
obviously all these items are going to be extremely expensive, but that's the point of it, I want to make a mod where you can finally make use of that 2 million gold stack in your inventory, so I would think there'd be three options for the price range on the items (preferably it'd be configurable through MCM or something but either way)
1. Discount, all the items have reduced prices allowing the player to buy more frequently
2. General, this would be the base line price range for all the items, very expensive but you don't have to save up an entire game just to buy one thing
3. Greedy, This would be the most expensive price range, and when I say expensive I mean, 1-2 million gold for the cheap items XD
now that all the base line things have been mentioned I'd like to quickly run through some of the things that are more optional but would still be awesome if they could be implemented
so I'd like it to be possible to steal all the gold and items in his area, there should be a word of power locked away so that if the player does decide to kill the dragon they at least get one word from it, the mound of gold and items should depend on the setting from before if possible, so on Greedy the dragon would be tougher but the reward higher and vice versa
as far as the actual dragon fight it'self I don't think he should be a pushover at all, I'd like him to be a legit terrifyingly tough dragon (after all it's got a giant mound of treasure) and if possible I'd want at least 1 unique ability for this dragon
Clone... I'd like it if the dragon had the ability to create a copy or two of it'self, similar to the Seekers in the Dragonborn DLC, the Copies can't do as much damage, and take fewer hits, and die once the main dies, but it's difficult to tell the difference in the middle of the battle 
buuut again that's extremely optional, the main points are above
aaaaaaanyway, thanks for looking through all this, I really wish I knew how to make mods and stuff cuz I got quite a lot of ideas, but until I find a mod partner or something I'll just have to stick to posting randomly on the forums XD

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