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TES IV Oblivion - Help with Deadly Reflex along with Enhanced 1st Person Camera

deadly reflex enhanced camera animations oblivion

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Hi everyone!
I recently started re-modding TESIV from scratch, and everything is just working fine, but i'm having a very annoying bug that forces me to reload every single combat phase multiple times.

Having both deadly reflex and enhanced 1st person camera enabled, i constantly run into a bug every time i'm knocked on the ground by any of the deadly reflex moves.

When i get KOed by any of those moves as soon as i get up my camera is terribly decentered and lowered, in fact if i type tfc in the console without changing perspective i can see my body clipping through the ground and/or walls. If i switch to third person everything is perfectly fine. 

I'm using LAPF Enhanced 1st person skeleton and HGCE body type. I installed the HGCE meshes overwriting the deadly reflex's ones.

I tried the deleting the .kf animations in "data/meshes/characters/_1st person", and it actually fix the bug, but its causing the camera to float 10m above my character every time i use a Deadly Reflex move.
I know the mod is very outdated and SkyCaptain is nowhere to be found now, but i'd really appreciate any help since this bug is driving me crazy.


Here's my load order, although i don't think its relevant:




Thank you all!

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