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Trouble with Character Creator/Mirror of Transformation

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I reinstalled DA2 yesterday and loaded up my favorite mods. Everything was working perfectly from the start up CC but went downhill when I used the Mirror of Transformation. My Hawke's face was wiped of her make up, her eyebrows, and her eye color. The sliders would not change anything, nothing. The preset and complexion sliders worked but the same thing with them on trying to change the effected customizations. Switched between Dx9 and Dx11 many times, played with the settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the mods, ran the Chargen Morph Compiler everytime, etc, but to no change. It is also effecting the real CC at the beginning of the game as well.


This is becoming very frustrating.


Please help!




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It looks like you have a chargen morph issue.

- check that there is no other chargenmorphcfg.xml located into your override directory.

- un-install all your cosmetic mods and launch the game. If everything works fine, install a mod and launch the game again. If it's still OK,
add a second mod and test it in game. Then add another mod, test it and repeat until you find which one is causing your issue.

If none of the solutions suggested above works, can you upload a copy of your chargenmorphcfg.xml so that I can check its content?

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