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Daggerfall Fast Travel

fast travel inmersion nostalgia

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So, back in Daggerfall when you fast traveled you could set certain ¨parameters¨ for the trip; the travel method by foot, horse or ship, staying at inns or resting in the wilds, and to travel cautiously or recklesly.

I was thinking that some kind of similar mechanic could be used in modded Skyrim, but with certain diferences given the way Skyrim works:


-Travel Method: Foot. Horse of Carriage. So basically this would affect the time it would take for a trip to take place, making foot take twice the amount of time than the others, making have a horse usefull even if you don´t directly use it (given the way the world is constructed, you can´t travel by horse 10 meters without having to dismount to fight a mudcrab), and carriage would take the same time as a horse, but with a set gold price (maybe you would have to speak with a horse carriage dude (english is not my native tong XD) to use this method)


-Resting: So this would have two outcomes, if you rest in the wild you wouldnt spend any money, if you stayed at any inns, it would cost, but you would get the well rested buff. Optional features come to my mind, like wilderness random encounters and other resting benefits given by certain mods, but asuming this is made by someone, the chances of him being the author of related mods is unknown to me, so the basics, thats it.


-Risk: This would actually affect the level of control you have on the ¨arrival time¨ of the trip. Allow me to explain: Back in vanilla Skyrim, when you fast traveled it would take a set amount of time, so for example if I went to Whiterun to sell my junk of something, id get there at 4 am and would have to wait till morning or inmersivelly go rent a room in the bannered mare, so with this feature you could control the time of your arrival. Wed have two options, traveling recklessly would be like vanilla, you would arrive at your destination in the minimal amount of time given the other parameters. Traveling cautiously would take longer, adding time on top of the minimal time, but allowing you to select the time of your arrival, very much like a wait/sleep menu, or maybe it could be less specific, selecting if you want to arrive to your destination during day or night, something like that.


Final Words:

I know there are mods that try to replace fast travel all together, making the game more inmersive, but I consider that the game is allready constructed so you HAVE to use fast travel, because there are no other more inmersive methods of doing so (traveling fast), like Morrowind various methods (Telepotation, Silt Striders, Ships, Etc) and unless they come by with a super inmersive overhaul  with diferent options I think ill be sticking with fast travel, this is the reason thought of this mod concept, trying to allow a more complex fast travel, but still, fast travel.


Im not a modder and had never made a request, so i hope one of you guys sees this and takes interest in the concept even if aplied in a diferent maner. I searched the nexus as well as I could for a mod that does this but I didnt find exactly what I was looking for.


English is not my native tong so anything I say looks out of place, there you have it.


Have a nice day people.

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