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Trying to make a custom race with morphs. Stuck for days. Looking for any help + How to convert to DynamicTriShape

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Im trying to make a custom head with morphs for my race but Im having lots of problems. From game going CTD on race seleciton to morph sliders not working.   


What I have:  

I have a .nif with my race head/face model. This .nif is rigged and works properly ingame as a helmet. I want to make this .nif into a customizable race head.   


Im certain that the only problem is with <HeadParts> entry, because if I use an existing one, eg. MaleHeadBreton in my race then everything works.   


for .tris I used Animation Tools.  Using Outfit Studio I exported the .nif as a object, edited its header to a correct one ("o <name>").

I extracted vanilla .tri files to get their names. Using my .obj I simply duplicated it and renamed to have all needed parts. 


Eg: racetri : head.obj ; myCKracename.obj (both .obj the same exported from OutfitStudio with fixed headers)

Same for other 2 .TRIs.  

I also, using Outfit Studio moved some verticles around and exported new mesh as a .obj to represent a morph.  

Creating .tris has no problems.


In the <headparts> I have (In creation Kit)

- .nif model of my race head

- .tri containing expressions (base + base_xxx) - all objects are the same 

- .tri with race morph : 2 objects, both the same one named : head.obj other myRaceinCKName.obj

- .tri with my head morphs : (tried 2 versions) one with modified obj and one with all obj the same


The headparts is then set in my race and renders correctly in Creation Kit. BUT the sliders do not work even though I made proper .tri without chaning vertex count etc.   



After many tests and comparisons with a vanilla example I ONLY noticed one difference. The nif Im using has a BSTriShape format in NifSkope while the vanilla face has BSDynamicTriShape.  Using Outfit Studio I made a nif of the vanilla face but with BSTriShape format. The morphs suddenly stopped working.  So I tried to convert my .nif in NifSkope from BSTriShape to BSDynamicTriShape but it doesnt work.


When I do (BSTriShape) RMB -> block -> convert -> BSDynamicTriShape then the mesh suddenly becomes invisible. So the conversion  I made does not fully work. I tried googling bu tI found no information on how to do it.    



Ive been trying to make this work for almost 2 weeks now and still no progress. Im getting desperate.    

If anyone knows how to make custom race morphs for Skyrim SE, how to convert the.nif to DynamicTriShape etc please tell.   


Below some screenshots:






Oh and if its impossible to do in Special Edition then I guess I could first prepare the models using Oldrim format and then after all its done convert it to SE

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I'm sure you've figured something out at this point. For others with the same issue, you can Import the .nif into Outfit Studio, Right click on the the Shape under the Meshes tab and go to Properties. Click on the Geometry tab. There is a checkbox option for Dynamic. If you check it and export, it will save as BSDynamicTriShape. If not, it will save as BSTriShape.

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