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Looking for specific mods......

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There are a couple things I would like in a mod and I don't know if anyone has made them yet. First thing is, I just installed Gathering Storm today and so far it's awesome, but it sort of screws up the experience when I can't actually see the storms, so I'm wondering if anyone has made a mod that leaves the tiles lit up after I've explored them instead of returning them to that sandy brown color. I've always wanted this in the game and it's a huge dissapointment. Another thing I would like to see is the damned board game border out of site. I'm wondering if anyone has a mod adding ice tiles to the north and south of the map to hide that stupid edge. I used to play Civ 4 and I really miss the globe effect. I don't care if some of the tiles had to be different for it to work or the math, but it was done once and it was good, they should have improved it rather than scrapping it and going to the board game map. Those are about the only two things I'm looking for. Thanks, I'll check back later. 

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